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Copy and paste this template into a new thread. (Guild Application Section)
Name the thread with your class and ingame name. (Ex: "Name - Class")
Please complete the application in full, without skipping questions.


Ingame name:
Class & Race:

Character Armory link - (Use ):
Raiding Talent Spec - (Use ):
UI Screenshot - (Use ):

What is your raid experience?

How experienced are you with your current class?

Are you able to attend our raid times regularly? (20:00-23:30 Server time, Sunday/Thursday)

What consumables will you bring to raids?

Which add-ons do you use?

Why do you want to be a part of Friends?

Are you an active member of some other guild - if so, which guild and character?

How would you describe your knowledge of the English language?

Can any current members recommend you?

Any additional information you want us to know?
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