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#13279933 Jun 03, 2017 at 07:23 AM

Name:Lior ela

Ingame name: Raiteixx
Class & Race: Undead Warlock
Current Level: 60

Character Armory link:
Raiding Talent Spec:
*note: can also specc anything the raid requires (improved imp etc)
UI Screenshot :
Professions:Tailoring/herbalism(currently i skill up herbs after i had skinning)
Attunements:MC/BWL currently working on onyxia

What is your raid experience?

currently did all of MC/ZG most of aq20,
but back in retail wow(retail vanilla) i did everything except Kel'Thuzad

How experienced are you with your current class?
I know my rotation and my pros and cons.
played locks since TBC on retail.

Are you able to attend our raid times regularly? (20:00-23:30 Server time, Sunday/Thursday)
Well no, that why i'm applying as Casual/social when will to raid lower tiers places (mc/bwl/ony/aq20) not applying to take a position as a full pledged raider.

What consumables will you bring to raids?
Depends on the raid, for MC greater fire protection potion
and if the run required Flasks/food/elixers

Which add-ons do you use?
KTM/Luna UI/ Big wigs/DotTimer ( and regulars like Atlas outfitter etc.

Why do you want to be a part of Friends?
Looking for a guild that is stable, and allows casual raiders.

Are you an active member of some other guild - if so, which guild and character?
I'm an officer of Bottom of The Barrel, unfortunately the guild is not doing so well, many left us for better places(some rerolled alliance)
i only have a lock on this server.

How would you describe your knowledge of the English language?
Able to communicate and understand orders.

Can any current members recommend you?


Any additional information you want us to know?

Basically here to enjoy the ol' good wow experience and to be able to raid with nice people.
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