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Once upon a time...

Rovlin / Nov 27, 2017
there was a Dread Citadel. Whilst known for its fierce inventory of undead dogs, spiders, abominations, birds of frost and a multitude of other dreadful creatures we elected to explore the place anyways. Against all well meant advice and pleads from our loved ones. Little did we know and so for the first few hours it almost seemed as if they'd be proven right. But after being shred to pieces by and unkillable monster abomination we began to gain some pace...

First night:

Theme of the whole undertaking has to be described as: "Why get the bosskill tonight if we can get it tomorrow?"

but a weird dog put us on the leash again for the night so spiders it would be next

New ID

the evil dog tamed

and his master defeated in an electrifying battle

only two left in the four starting wings and the troops of that guy that barely fights himself were not too much opposition

But then we hit the stables (imagine fancy MLP reference if it suits your taste here) and the following rodeo was not settled in the first night but we did not back down

Zoning into the last quarter of the place it became a shivering venture from here on forth. And this one guy seriously tries to feed me ice cream all the time... Undeads are weird creatures!

The legendary frostbird of the citadel enforced everyone to wear funky blue dresses, the more blue the worse for the bird - so we played along with the new dresscode, enjoyed the goosebumps and landed him safely.

And it was not about to get any warmer in these chambers. If they had invented central heating at some point these guys might have turned out quite nice but rotting for centuries at what felt like -3°C definitely does not form expedient character. It took quite a while but then suddenly - even the last wave of summoned scarabs was not enough to deny us victory at the final frontier.

What a journey this was. A big thank you to everyone involved making this happen.


well played 😎
Good job everyone!
Good Job everyone and thanks to all officers and GM (ROVLİN) <3
well deserved!
Hahaha who is sitting on the throne? Is it HT?
Wait, did u just photoshop Epix into the last picture?? HAHAHA gj =)
Grats to all of you, what a sight to see. \m/
Grats guys!